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Triumph's 1981 release, 'Allied Forces,' was the album where it all came together for these Canadian prog-metallists and now you can relive all those memories with the 30th Anniversary Vinyl Edition re-issue. The album’s original tracks are from the actual EQ’d masters (as prepared by the legendary Bob Ludwig) while the packaging itself exactly mirrors the original ’81 vinyl version (including the four-color, UV coated inner sleeve, complete with photos, lyrics and credits) and the record itself has been pressed on pristine 180 gram vinyl.

Track List

  1. Fool for Your Love –4:34
  2. Magic Power –4:54
  3. Air Raid –1:18
  4. Allied Forces –5:05
  5. Hot Time (In This City Tonight) –3:23
  6. Fight the Good Fight –6:16
  7. Ordinary Man –7:17
  8. Petite Etude (Instrumental) –1:15
  9. Say Goodbye –4:34